SciVal offers quick, easy access to research performance of more than 10700 research institutions and their associated researchers from 230 nations worldwide.

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Elsevier’s suite of research solutions empowers our researchers with rich data.
Vitaly Bagan
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

New in this release
December 2018, code name: Umov

  • Analyze Researchers’ Collaborations. Explore the current collaborations of a Researcher with the table view, to see who they are currently collaborating with and at which Institutions.
  • Responsible use of metrics guidance. Dotted lines mark incomplete years indicating that the metric might be volatile for those years.
  • In-product metrics messaging. Guidance is available for each metric in Benchmarking. The additional information has been taken from the new Metrics Guidebook and added as separate links in the SciVal Support Hub.
  • More metrics in Benchmarking. It is now possible to include additional metrics in the Benchmarking table view which can be exported for deeper analysis in Excel.
SciVal, allows us to evaluate our collaborative partnerships and analyzing specific fields of research to see who else is active.
Ellen Fest
Wageningen University and Research